Top Reasons Why Vue.js is Worth Considering for Your Next Project

Top Reasons Why Vue.js is Worth Considering for Your Next Project

Web and mobile applications are one of the most important aspects of any business and entrepreneur to build an online presence and credibility. This is not to be compromised with. Nobody prefers a broken link, a complicated user interface, or an app or website which takes minutes to load. It’s the most important task to choose the best framework to develop your web and mobile apps which run fluently across multiple platforms.

Here, we will update you with the most modern and reliable Software Development Kit (SDK) available in the market, VueJS Development Company. We will help you understand the framework in-depth and why is it the best in the market.

What is Vue.JS?

Vue.JS is an open-source SDK to build user interfaces and single-page applications. This JavaScript framework is the youngest framework among others, yet highly popular recently. It is developed by Evan You in 2014 and later adopted by Google. Evan developed Vue.JS through crowdfunding and not getting involved with big investors, loans, and companies. The latest version of Vue.JS is Vue.js 3, which is released in September 2020.

Why is Vue.JS best in the market?

Let’s get to understand in-depth the features and benefits of Vue.JS as we explain it with our experience.

1. Virtual Document Object Model (DOM)

Vue.js has a Virtual DOM which carries representations of different HTML pages along with their styles, elements, and content as objects. When the user is interacting with the page and it reflects on the screen, it becomes tedious to update the whole DOM. Vue.JS makes use of the Virtual DOM for a faster development process. This makes web applications quickly make the changes resulting in enhancing the overall performance of the app.

2. Two-Way communication

Vue.JS has a two-way binding feature. This is because of its MVVM (model-view-view-model) built. This means that whatever changes are made in your UI are passed to the data and changes done in your data are reflected in the UI.  This is different from the libraries of other frameworks like React.js where there is only one-way communication.

Vue.JS has a two-way binding or communicating feature. This is because of its MVVM (model-view-view-model) built. It is a very useful and impactful feature of Vue to build JavaScript forms. What this means is:

When the user types an input element, the value is transformed, matching the value in the input. When the developer changes the value, the contents of the input elements transform, matching the value.

3. Compelling Transitions

Vue.JS has CSS transitions. This feature provides different modes of applying transition effects to HTML elements whenever they are added or removed from the DOM. Using this benefit, the developers can make the user experience more interactive and creative by adding third-party animation libraries.

4. Security

Apps developed with ue.JS are usually data-driven user interfaces. Most of the data here are sourced from a secure API made with Laravel, Node, or similar frameworks. The design patterns are usually used to build Vue.JS into a full-stack configuration. This enables the users’ data in a Vue app to remain secure.

5. Modern JavaScript features

Vue applications work perfectly with the ES5 norm of JavaScript.You can achieve an improved Vue experience and enjoy the benefits of modern browser technologies. To utilize current JavaScript developers, need a method to support older browsers, or the item will not work for most users. To solve this problem, Vue introduces the feature ‘babel’. It incorporates the modern browser features into standard features before transporting the application.

6. Easy to learn

It is discussed several times in the market, that Vue.JS is not a complicated framework to learn, even for beginners. A good experience in working with JavaScript, HTML/CSS is enough to learn Vue JS. There are really handy browser plugins and extensions for Vue.JS in Chrome and Firebox increasing the usability. Vue is considered to be the simplest SDK framework in the market. It facilitates developers to keep all the codes in one single file. Vue.JS can also be used with all common code editors. Both small-scale and large-scale applications can be developed using Vue.JS. Also, errors are easy to trace in Vue.

7. Templates

Vue.JS 3, the latest version, has introduced one of its most crucial features being the multi-root templates. All the components of Vue.JS are the most unique and useful features of its framework. They help in the development of custom elements without having to develop everything from the start. Similarly, the templates enable the developers to save time and effort which is used to build the project design from the start.

8. Great Community and Support

There is a huge community of developers behind Vue. A responsive community is important while working with modern and innovative technology to get solutions to any problem arising to you. Meaning, it will be solved within a few minutes within the community to help you. Vue has the highest star ratings in GitHub among others in the market, including Angular and React Native

9. Suitable for Different Projects

Vue.JS is a highly scalable SDK. It can be used to build small projects as well as large-scale applications. Its ecosystem allows the developers to use distinctive tools to develop large-scale, single-page applications.Vue.JS combines the best of ReactJS and AngularJS frameworks and offers a balanced app development process. It has a quick deployment speed without compromising application performance.

10. Major Companies depend on Vue.

There are a number of well-established companies and big brands around the world which are using Vue and they are continuing to enjoy and trust Vue.JS to introduce the best and safe services and innovative experiences to their users. Some of those brands are Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, Behance, Xiaomi, Grammarly, Zoom, Alibaba, EuroNews, WizzAirCodeship, and many more.

Note:  Vue has the smartest options related to app migration. There is no need for the developers to go through complex developing processes. They can just use a migration helper tool to do any changes. How? Because in Vue, 90% of APIs stay the same if want to upgrade from version 1.0 to 2. Vue uses a single code base for both Android and iOS mobile apps. Developers do not need to code individually for these platforms.

All these features are fascinating for any developer to start with Vue.JS and flourish in the market. Additionally, Vue is lightweight, user-friendly, and the first preference for developers to create a fast and integrative application. The job opportunities are also high and on the rise for Vue. With Vue’s simple API and design, a developer can create a single-page application within a day.

Being a simple and easy-to-learn SDK, Vue remains at the top position as an ideal choice for start-ups that want to design high-performance web applications quickly with easy code enabling them to deliver the best MVPs.

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