10 Steps to Build An App Like Yoomee

10 Steps to Build An App Like Yoomee
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Dating is one of those beautiful phases that come in the life of many. And some become so lucky that they keep their dating relationship and turn it into a long-life relationship. Earlier, when technologies were limited, dating was less compared to what we see today. People used to meet together, and they liked each other. They start dating. But now, as technology has improved and evolved a lot, dating has become much easier.

Are you asking me how? See, after the innovation of smart devices like smartphones, people are now spending more time on such things. And this opportunity is taken by many smart companies. Since nearly everyone has phones, it became a pioneer selection of communication.

As the majority of our communication platform is smartphones, it is no wonder why dating apps have gained tremendous popularity and acceptance. These dating apps are shifting online and enabling never experienced dating platforms.

According to Polaris Market Research, the global online dating app market was valued at $7.55 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.65% during the forecast period. However, this report is now almost two years old, and since then, it has changed a lot. 

There is another report by Grand View Research that says the global online dating application market size was valued at $7939.2 million in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.6% from 2023 to 2030. Online dating is popular among individuals, especially millennials and the LBTQ+ community. 

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Today, we will talk about how you can build an online dating app like Yoomee, what features to add, and how much it costs to build. We will explore how you can leverage such a big online dating industry and turn it into a revenue-generating machine for your business. So, sit tight and start swiping down and down to read more about dating app development. 

What is an Online Dating App?

An online dating app refers to a dating platform where people create their profile, fill up their dating preferences, and start swiping to find the best matching date for them based on their filled dating preferences. Dating applications are a great way to date online by reducing the risk of one-to-one contact. Online dating via an app is great as a person doesn't need direct contact with each other; they can simply enjoy their time together by chatting, sending cute emojis and so on. 

What is a Yoomee App?

Yoomee is an online platform for date lovers that helps them quickly connect with new people around the world. Yoomee offers a digital experience for dating online in a never seen way. 

The app allows you to sign up and create a profile as per your preference. The app also allows you to connect with singles looking for new and attractive dates, flirting, great friendships, sparkling chats, and romantic relationships. 

On top of that, they provide great security functionalities for protecting user information from any mentally harmful aspects. Overall they reduce any risk that makes a person uncomfortable or insecure with another person in the app. Words can hurt badly; therefore, they have an in-app-built security button to let the security handlers know that app users need help. 

The app is free to download, but users can purchase its premium features for a monthly fee. It has a variety of features, including find match, photo swipe, messaging and video chat.

Apart from that, the Yoomee is a great way to kill your boredom and have an online fun time with your match; who knows, you'll find your soulmate there. Life is full of surprises, but Yoomee can double up your experience with your matching partner.

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Now you know what Yoomee app is, it's time to know what features it provides to its date lovers and features you should consider adding to your dating app.

Features of Dating App Development like Yoomee

The reason behind the popularity of Yoomee is its features. Features play great roles in terms of creating a dating app capable of generating a user base, engagement, and protection of its user profile. If you research Yoomee deeply, you will know why it has more than 100 million users actively using it to find their perfect match. A successful dating app development does not automatically become successful; it requires features that allow users to keep using it without flickering their minds. Here are some of the great features that Yoomee offers to its users. 

Sign-up Options - Register or login users with various sign-up options to allow them to create a dating profile and start swiping to find the match and start connecting with each other.

Platform Availability - One of the biggest features of platform availability is important as users can use your app on other devices, such as iOS, Android, and through dedicated websites.

Contacts - Contact allows users to add their favourite matches as a contact list within the app and start a conversation with them.

Match Games - Match games are another great feature of Yoomee that offers users to swipe up as many as they can. It is completely different from finding your match, as the app finds one perfect match for you as per your dating criteria.

Nearby Search - Every date lover wants that the partner he/she got matched with should be in one town or location so that they can make their date more special. And Yoomee just lets you do that as it has a nearby search option in which you can search your match who lives in the same location as you.

Chatting Room - Finding the perfect date for you and not talking with them is cruel. Therefore, Yoomee offers its users a chatting room where dates can easily chat with others, send love emojis, flirt, and send hearts, and so on.

User's Complaints - Users often face some harassment while talking with their date in the app; another person sends them something that they don't like or something like that. Therefore, to give users a great experience, user complaints are a great feature that allows them to report the user who is doing such things with them and never see them again in the app. This makes the online dating community clean and responsible.

Push Notification - Yoomee is no ordinary dating app, and that is because of its great lucrative features. Push notification is a great way to keep the engagement level high and grab the user's attention regularly. You can send personalized notifications to your users, such as the new match list, dates, and likes from other people in the app.

App Settings - Allow your users to customize their preferences, change tune, and turn on or off notifications; they should have the ability to change them as per their requirements. It is definitely a great feature for dating app development.

Admin Panel - The above features were for the users to give them a reason to use your dating app and keep them engaged with your dating application. But someone needs to handle the users, right? That's why dating app development involves admin panel features to help app owners handle all types of activities and users' profiles.

This feature includes user management, activity management, database management, app performance management, and much more. If you are thinking of investing your values in dating app development like Yoomee then consider these user features and admin features for your app.

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How to Build a Dating App Like Yoomee in 10 Simple Steps?

Define Your Goals

Entering an industry that is already filled with competition is no easy work. To allow your business to be in the same competition, you need to define your goals, goals that will tell you why you even bother stepping up in such a tough industry. When you completely define your goals, then you will be able to start up your journey of dating app development.

Do Your Research

Now after knowing why you are here and what your vision for the dating app business is, it's time to start digging up some stuff. To make your dating app stand out, you need to research your market thoroughly. Proper research includes surveys of the market and gathering insights about people interested in using dating apps, how often they use them, and what age people are most interested in. Such type of market research allows you to reduce your development cost and saves a lot of time.  

Come Up With a Unique Concept

In this step, you need to define your dating app concept, which needs to be unique and bolder if you want to attract a wider audience. If you did your research step perfectly, then this step will not be hard. To come up with a unique concept, you can take help from various tools available on the internet, such as Google Trends and App Anie. These tools allow you to research, such as understanding the dating industry trends, technology trends, and market competitiveness. 

Design Your App

We are in the designing step, where you need to gather all the research data in one place and start making a blueprint for your dating app. This process will include writing down all the features and functionalities you have decided to add to your dating app, UI/UX design, and overall app responsiveness from the inside. Creating a complete blueprint of the app before taking your idea into operation. 

Develop Your App

Now the time has come; you have prepaid yourself for this moment for a long time. This step is important if you want to create an exceptional solution for your business. Work with an industry-leading mobile app development company or mobile app developers to develop your dating app on a professional level. By working with the right technology, you can develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your business that will help you get started instantly. Focus on implementing core features that are important.

Test Your App

The testing phase allows you to thoroughly examine your dating app. In this step, the app needs to be fully tested to evaluate any errors or glitches in the interface and overall user experience. Conduct testing to optimize your software for any further improvement.

Launch Your App

Now it's time to launch your dating app in the market. Various methods can be used to launch the app. The simplest way is to put them on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Promote Your App

Use effective marketing strategies to make a strong impact in the market. Leverage top-level marketing platforms such as social media marketing, influencer marketing, app store optimization, and other marketing techniques to maximize you’re dating app visibility and user acquisition.

Keep Your App Up-to-date

Now is the time to upgrade the app. It's important to stay up to date on new features and pay attention to user feedback. After that, you can start growing the app and keeping users engaged. If a dating app is updated and maintained regularly, it will continue to be useful and attractive to users.

Grow Your User Base

Now stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the online dating market, and provide your users with what they are looking for. Expand your business, and reach out to new audiences from all around the world.

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How Much Does Dating App Development Cost?

The cost of dating app development depends on several factors, such as the number of features, supported platforms, and integration.

In general, dating app development costs between $5,000 to $10,000. Medium-complexity dating apps range from $15,000 and can go up to $60,000. This is for both iOS and Android platforms. Cost includes in a dating app development including a basic admin panel and backend.

If you want to implement advanced features that require custom coding, programming, and a large amount of time and effort, the cost of an application can be as high as $45,000. The cost of developing an iOS or Android dating app starts at $50,000.

The location of the dating app development company you choose to build you an app like Yoomee is the most important factor in determining the cost. The average hourly rate in Europe is $50, while it is $100-$150 for the US. In comparison, the average developer charge in India is between $10-$25 per hour.


The industry is filled with dating apps, and many businesses are already leveraging profound growth. Still, developing a dating app is highly complex and requires a top-level understanding of user requirements.

Hopefully, our guide on "10 Steps to Build an App like Yoomee" will help you understand how you can develop your own dating app like Yoomee for business. If you need help in app development, we are here to help you!

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