How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Multigaming app like Zupee?

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Multigaming app like Zupee?


In India, gaming is spreading like a virus but only in a good way. For the past few decades, gaming has seen a different level of risk that has become a never-ending chapter. Approximately billions of people, or what we say—" gamers", have increased as well as gaming utilities. The revolution of gaming tools like PS5, gaming smartphones, PC, and other consoles, are currently in maximum demand. Especially mobile gaming industry is on another level.

Mobile gaming is a billion-dollar industry, and still, it is turning up the heat. Therefore, the popularity and heat leading the mobile gaming industry to new advancement and profitability. The mobile gaming industry's primary aim focused mainly on building a profitable solution that generates a high engagement rate and ROI for the business. And that aim led them to a one-n-only Multigaming solution, a complete power-pack mobile application. The multi-gaming industry is one of the biggest profit generator segments worldwide.

There are so many Multigaming applications available in the market, but one app has caught many of us attention. Zupee, I'm sure many of you must have heard this Multigaming app name and why not? It has some striking elements. However, if you don't know about Zupee, let me tell you. So basically, it is a similar app to MPL, Dream11, and Hago. Similar functionalities, gameplay, and features, but Zupee has some unique elements that make this multi-gaming app different from others and more profitable. So today, we will learn about Zupee, its functionalities, features, and how much it costs to develop a Multigaming app like Zupee. So we will not waste our time anymore, and let's start this blog. I will suggest that you sit with some snacks as this blog is going to be a little long but quite informative.

What Is a Zupee App?

Zupee is a multiplayer ludo app in which there are many games that you can play and win real cash. Games like Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, Ludo Turbo, Snakes and Ladders Plus, Carrom Ninja, and Trump Cards Mania are the few top leading segments of the Zupee Multigaming app. All these are skill-based games that you can play online and win big real cash prizes.

The Zuppe app has more than 2 crore downloads and 10 crore+ daily cash winnings. Also, Zupee has a dedicated website to download the app and see its reviews and ratings. It is a completely reliable and trusted Multigaming app. 

The competition in the Multigaming industry is at a high level, and many companies are trying to reach the top. And reach the top takes a lot of hard work and good integration strategies. Therefore, to do this right, you will need guidance from experts who know this gaming industry very well. For this, you should choose an experienced mobile game development company. 

Worry not; this is where we can help you. We can be your Multigaming app development partner if you want.

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What Types of Games Should You Include In Your Multigaming App Like Zupee?

The gaming industry is filled with various games, from action and adventure to puzzles and arcades. However, you must choose the right and ongoing trending games for your Multigaming mobile application. Mobile games that don't offer enough value in return to users aren't generally accepted. 

But this is simple; we have a perfect game list for you that is very trending in the mobile gaming section. Additionally, if you have used the Zupee app, you probably already know what types of games you can add to your Multigaming app. 

Note: Zupee is a small multi-gaming application; therefore, the games this app has been selected. You can either use the same games like Zupee or choose other ones. Remember, the more games you include, the more the cost will increase.

Moreover, you can add these following games mentioned below:

  • Ludo
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Poker
  • Rummy
  • Color Prediction
  • Chess
  • Carrom Board
  • UNO

These games are very trendy and also budget-friendly. Besides these, there are some high-end but immersively popular fantasy games that you can consider adding to your list if you have a budget expansion model.  

Some of the following fantasy games to add to your Multigaming app like Zupee are:

  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Basketball
  • Fantasy Hockey
  • Fantasy Rugby
  • Fantasy Tennis
  • Fantasy Kabaddi

Fantasy games are very popular these days, and more users are attracted towards them. Choosing one or two fantasy games can give you a lead in the competitive market. I prefer to add Fantasy Cricket or Football (Soccer); these are the most popular games worldwide. But again, keep cost in mind as these fantasy games are quite expensive.

Top-Quality Features of Multigaming App Like Zupee

Different types of functions and features are the part that defines your business expertise to your users/customers. Running a multi-gaming business is not easy; you need to be unique and consistent about your services. If you think that once you develop your app, launch it in the market, and you will start earning, you have to rethink your business goals. This industry doesn't work like that. You must show your customers that you are here to offer something no one has yet offered. 

A multi-gaming app doesn't have to be enriched quality and completely feature-rich; a simple but unique app is more than enough to engage your users and customers. Here are some following must-have features that should be included if you are developing a Multigaming app like Zupee.

Top 5 must-have features of Multigaming apps like Zupee:

1. Engaging UI/UX App Design

The main pin-point feature that any application should have. A responsive app design helps your users engage more. User interface and user experience are connected, and if an app fails in any of the areas, users will instantly leave. 

Simplicity matters, but if there is nothing interactive in the app, the user experience automatically falls. The main point is that if you develop an app like Zupee, you must go with the balance. Neither UI nor should be looked over nor UX. 

Users don't want to store an app that has nothing to offer good or doesn't look interactive and provides poor quality user experience. 

Let me define the app's UI and UX for a better understanding.

In a technical phrase, UI refers to the screens, buttons, toggles, icons, and other visual elements you interact with when using an app. UX refers to your interaction with an app, including your experience with the interaction.

So, engaging UI and UX app design are one of the most important aspects you should comprehend when developing your Multigaming app like Zupee.

2. Voice Chat

Nowadays, many apps offer voice chat systems. This type of feature increases users' engagement level with the app. It's no fun playing with other players if you can't talk to them. It will only give users the feeling that they are playing with the computer. 

We play multiplayer games because of the taunting and talking. Bring the e-gaming experience to life by adding live chat features to your multi-gaming app.

Most real money games have these features, and so should your app. These features enhance the gaming experience and give you and your users unique profitability. These features have been widely accepted and loved by the players. This will increase your development cost, but the features are worth it.

3. Coin-to-Cash System

Like casino chips, multi-gaming apps have coin systems that work against real cash. Users can purchase these coins via real cash and play games in the multi-gaming application. The coin to cash is a widely famous in-app purchase system, and every app and game has this feature.

So it is an in-app purchase model where a player has to pay a certain amount of in-game currency (Coins) to play games. And to play games, players can purchase them easily by exchanging real currency for in-game currency. So, the app provides players with a coin-to-cash system where they can buy those coins from real money by adding their UPI or Bank Accounts. 

This is a great feature, as well as a proficient business model. But the key point here is providing a fluent and complex coin-to-cash system. Users get frustrated when a simple app function doesn't work. Therefore, offer your users a simple in-app purchasing system so that they can play their favourite games on your platform without any complications.

4. Payment Gateway Integration

A payment gateway system allows users to purchase products online on accepted platforms. Payment gateway integration holds the top priority among other features if you want to develop a successful multi-gaming business solution. Let's say users accept your simple app design and services, but the only thing they will not tolerate is a complex payment system. 

For users, the payment system matters a lot to them. Users only want secure, reliable, and responsive payment systems from you because they don't want to lose their money just because of your payment system failure. 

So, if you want your users always to stay connected with your platform, give them some unique propositions about your services. It doesn't make sense to add rich-quality coin-to-cash when players are hassling with your payment system. How will they add coins to the game if they cannot purchase them easily? 

A complex payment system drives users away from your platform. Users download your multi-gaming app so that they can play games and earn some real cash through it. So your payment system should be working fluently without any complications. In simpler words, your payment gateway should finish in three simple steps: selecting the payment method, processing the transaction, and done. 

5. Easy-to-Understand Game Rules

Lastly, an easy-to-understand game format and rules are crucial in engaging users more with your app. People play games so that they can chill and relax their minds. They don't want another grinding job which they are already doing for their life. Therefore, making your multi-gaming app simple to understand and easy for a gaming platform is crucial to generating higher user engagement.

Adding simple game rules or rules and instructions in the app will enable your users to understand games much more easily. As I said, you can increase and enhance your user's gaming experience by integrating text instructions or videos about your app and games. 

As I said before, user experience and uniqueness are important if you want to compete in your domain. Your unique selling point (USP) should give your users a reason to choose you over hundreds and thousands. The gaming industry is filled with countless multi-gaming applications, such as Zupee, a simple app, but it is famous because it has something unique to offer its users. Consider and define your uniqueness and write down what you are willing to offer that, currently, no one is offering in the market. The profitability is higher with the benefits/advantages of Multigaming apps.

Tech Teams Requires In Development of Multigaming App Like Zupee

Developing a multi-gaming app like Zupee is not easy; not everyone can build it. Therefore, if you don’t have enough knowledge or experience in such a field, leave this work on a mobile app development company that holds every tech and team's expertise. Here are the following tech teams that you will require in multigaming app development:

- Business analysts

- Android developers

- iOS developers

- UI/UX designer teams

- Back-end developers

- Project managers

- QA Engineers

Technology Requires In the Development of Multigaming App Like Zupee

- Flutter for Android & iOS App Development

- Construct 3 for Game Development

- Node.js for Back-end Development

- AWS or Azure for Cloud

- SQL or MongoDB or Cassandra for Database

- Azure Stream Analytics for Real-time analytics

- WebRTC for real-time communication

- Google Cloud Messaging and Apple push notifications service for Notifications

- Send Grid Mail Sender API

- Payment Integration

- SMS Gateway

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Multigaming app?

Developing a multi-gaming app depends on a few factors that affect costs. The app complexity, number of features, developer teams location, company reputation, app size, tech stack, UI customization, app platform, and time taken in development. All these factors affect the overall app development cost. 

Now let's move on to how much it will cost you to develop a multi-gaming app like Zupee.

In India, the entire cost for multi-gaming app development on Android and iOS platforms with end-to-end backend support would be around $5,000-$10,000. But if we talk about worldwide, then costs differ way too much.

Across the World:

  1. Simple Feature App Projects - $5,000 to $10,000 (1-3 Months)
  2. Standard Feature App Projects - $10,000 to $15,000 (4-9 Months)
  3. Complex Feature App Projects - $20,000 to $40,000+ (10+ Months)

Why Choose Orion InfoSolutions For Your Multigaming App Like Zupee Development Partner?

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The Multigaming industry is booming immensely worldwide. If you are thinking of incorporating your business into this industry to leverage its massive profitability, then it is the right time. You can be a part of a billion-dollar industry if you deliver the right service through your multi-gaming app. All the information this blog contains will help you understand what you need to do if you are serious about going into this market.

As I said, we are experienced and proficient enough to guide you on how you can build a successful multi-gaming app like Zupee. Please consult with our top industry experts waiting to help businesses and provide them with a plan that can lead them to do their business on top and enable higher ROI. Feel free to contact us at any working time. 

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