The Advantages of Multigaming Platform App Development

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The Advantages of Multigaming Platform App Development


The advent of online platforms substantially increases the possible growth opportunities for the gaming industry, especially multigaming applications. When MPL first launched its online gaming platform, it hit millions of users' attention in less than a year. This led many gaming businesses to see it as an opportunity to enlarge their expertise and make a huge profit from the multigaming platforms. The idea of creating such applications was not new, but the execution needed; this new digital and modern online platform provided them with one.

Now, you will find hundreds of multigaming platforms applications all over the internet and app stores. For many good reasons, small to prominent entrepreneurs started using multigaming platforms. Multigaming platform app development companies like MPL, WinZO, Dream11, etc., knew the advantage of this gaming industry and how later on, their ROI will boom higher.

So the question is, what advantages do multigaming platform apps have for businesses? And how it helps many entrepreneurs become successful in the gaming industry? This comprehensive post will explain why multigaming platform apps have become so popular and successful in 2022. So if you are an entrepreneur or businessman and thinking of developing multigaming apps for your business, stay put because I will tell you why you should invest in such a business to leverage its top-quality advantages. So without further ado, let's dive into this comprehensive topic.

What Are Multigaming Platform Apps?

Multigaming platform apps are a hub for gamers where hundreds of online games are available to play and win great prizes. These applications offer a comprehensive and rich gaming experience to users. By playing on multigaming apps, players can earn real money and have fun through other fun-to-play online games.

These platforms contain games like Teen Patti, Poker, Chess, Ludo, Quiz/Puzzle, Carrom Board, Rummy, and Fantasy Games – football, tennis, cricket, hockey, etc. The app allows players to play these games on one platform rather than individually on separate dedicated apps, which makes multigaming platforms completely advanced and many fun applications.

Gaming apps like MPL and Dream11 are perfect examples of multi-gaming platforms. They have a wide range of games in which you can choose any game of your choice and play it on your smartphone/desktop. Most importantly, a player can earn real money (if they win) by playing these games.

What Are The Advantages of Multigaming Platform App Development For Your Business?

Multigaming platform apps are a power pack for users and your business. From the user's perspective, the platform allows them to play games and win massive prizes. Similarly, from a business perspective, the platform generates revenue from user spending on the application.

There are many advantages for businesses to develop and roll out multigaming applications like MPL or WinZO. Let's learn how a multigaming platform app development is a massive advantage for the gaming industry and business.

For a start, multigaming platforms are a huge and next-level industry that averagely generates billions of dollars annually. The most significant advantage of a multigaming platform is that it can earn you high revenue quickly.

MPL or WinZO multigaming apps generally have millions of active users who use the platforms daily. Multigaming apps like MPL use many business models to increase revenue. And those business models are effective and allow you to create a unique brand approach and recognition.

There are few business models which are effectively result-driven and proficient strategies for business growth.

In-app Purchases: - In this model, players can purchase in-game coins/currency with real money to join the match. And those purchases are your business revenue model.

Third-party Advertisements: - Through third-party ads, you can earn revenue for your business, and it also helps you improve your brand value. You allow other companies to display product ads in your app, and you charge them accordingly in exchange.

Buy Coins to Play Games: - In a multigaming app, games need a specific amount of coins. If a user wants to play games, they need to purchase coins, and after that game will allow them to enter the match.

And if a player wins the game, they are rewarded with more coins or massive prizes. So this business model is a win-win situation for both players and you.

There are many other business models that can be implemented according to your requirements. We all agree that every business is here to make a profit, but the right strategy, vision, and implementation can only do this truth.

Advantages are endless, but the only thing that matters is how you can use them for your success and turn that into an opportunity to enlarge your business.

Here are the top industry-leading multigaming platforms apps with the highest user base. These apps offer everything that makes them a rich gaming solution provider. The names are:

  1. MPL (Mobile Premier League)
  2. Dream11
  3. My11Circle
  4. A23 Games
  5. Paytm First Games
  6. WinZO
  7. Gamezop
  8. RummyCircle
  9. Howzat
  10. Gamezy

Now that we have learned the multigaming platform app development advantages for your business, we should move on to the even more crucial headline: the development cost of such applications.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Multigaming Platform Application?

Multigaming platform apps are a large product. It comprises many rich-quality features and functionalities. Therefore, the app size and cost increase are the main factors, and only some businesses like MPL or Dream11 companies can reach heights.

multigaming app development company

App features and integration of games simultaneously affect the multigaming platform development cost. But if you are serious about going into the gaming industry, you have to come up with some excellent planning and proper strategies. Hire a multigaming app development company or developers with significant experience and knowledge who know your business requirements well.

So if we talk about the cost of multigaming platform app development, approximately the cost starts at $5,000 - $15,000 for essential feature apps. If developing a standard feature multigaming app, the cost will increase from $25,000 - $50,000.

Moreover, with a dynamic and advanced feature multigaming platform, the cost is around $100,000 - $250,000. Remember, all these costs are for single-platform app development. So that is all about the costs of a multigaming application.

But despite all of these, some factors affect these costs and how you reduce them. To make yourself a proficient multigaming application, you need to understand are factors that affect the cost.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of A Multigaming Platform App Development?

Factors that affect the cost of any app development, whether it’s a multigaming app or any other mobile application, are listed down:

  • The operating system of the app platform (Android/iOS/Web)
  • App development team structure
  • Type and size of the application
  • The number of core feature integration
  • Application security development cost
  • UI/UX designing and integration

All the above factors affect the cost of developing a multigaming platform app. These costs are reducible and increasable, depending on your business requirements. Therefore, define your goals related to your application, what you want to achieve, and what you will offer to your users. And what unique you are willing to deliver to this industry. These facts will decide whether you are ready to enter this industry.

Who Can Develop It?

Many mobile app developers in the IT industry claim they are the best software providers. However, not everyone can develop such heavy and rich functionality applications. Developing a multigaming platform app is not a small task; it takes a lot of experience, the right tech integration, and knowledge.

Fortunately, we at Orion InfoSolutions, hold many years of experience developing hardcore solutions for this challenging gaming industry. We value our clients' objectives and requirements for their projects. Therefore, we hear clients' ideas and then source them with top-notch development teams and technologies. Our budget-friendly development structure has helped us achieve more than 900+ happy clients and 1.5k+ successful project compilations. We can deliver rich-feature and business-ready solutions that allow you to compete with your competitors.


For the business, multigaming platform apps are a very profitable solution that allows them to grow substantially and make huge revenues. The online gaming app is one of the largest and most downloaded apps in all platforms and categories. These advantages that this platform offers to modern businesses can afford to utilize it and scale their expertise. Benefits are countless, and there are no reasons not to invest in a multigaming industry.

Modern technologies provide a proficient path for app development companies to drive better software integration for projects. Getting help from such companies will enable fruitful solution development. If you are considering trying out the gaming industry and generating high revenue, developing a multigaming platform application is a smart way to do that.

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