How And Where To Develop The Andar Bahar Real Money Game?

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How And Where To Develop The Andar Bahar Real Money Game?


In our digital world, technology is playing the most crucial role. Millions of online solutions have been launched in the market, whether related to eCommerce or real estate. Talking about the online gaming industry, there are millions of profound games available in every category. But in the past few decades, people have shown more interest in real money games where they can win real cash. The past recent online gaming scenario already gave hints about its profitability for the future.

Recent gaming reports have shown tremendous growing popularity and demand for card games. But apart from every card game, there is one particular game that Andar Bahar has on demand by the online casino industry. As a result, online platforms have opened a new way to enlarge gaming solutions.

Gone are the days when to play Andar Bahar games, people went to the big fancy and expensive casinos. Now those games are available at their fingertips. People can leverage the live casino experience from anywhere and anytime with just a click on the mobile app.

Undoubtedly, the Andar Bahar game is in its rising phase, and more online casinos are incorporating the game on their platforms to expand their offerings. If you are a startup gaming business looking for a business-ready Andar Bahar game that helps your customers and users make the best use of it, then this guide is for you.

This guide contains everything you need to know for your Andar Bahar game development-related aspects. It will help you understand the proper infrastructure of mobile game app development and how to develop your dream game effectively. So without any delay, let's dive into this topic.

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What Is Andar Bahar Game?

Andar Bahar is a card game known as "Katti," an Indian game played in big casinos. Now with the advent of online platforms, its availability has increased. The game is easily findable as a mobile app. The Andar Bahar is a more luck-based game rather than skills. The game needs an internet connection to work, and 2 to 4 players can play simultaneously in the same lobby. There are many options to play the Andar Bahar game with real money.

How To Play Online Andar Bahar Card Game?

Andar Bahar Game App is a popular card game based on luck. It originated in India and features simple gameplay that allows even amateur gamblers to enjoy the thrill and excitement of card games.

The online Andar Bahar game is similar to the traditional one. Still, the only difference between both is that online Andar Bahar is a mobile game application that needs a smartphone and a good internet connection. And the traditional Andar Bahar card game is played in casinos. Other than that, the game is the same and equally fun.

To play an online Andar Bahar card game, you need to login into the game app and choose the variant of it. In the game, there will be a dealer and two table sides.

The game starts when the dealer deals face-up cards in the middle of the table, and players place bets on either of the two sides given, i.e., Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). The dealer continues to play through one card at a time on each side until the next card with the same value is shown, and the player with the correct bet wins the game.

The game rules are simple and do not require any skill or strategy to win. One meaningful way to win the online Andar Bahar game is to set a predetermined budget before you start placing bets. Let us now have a look at the rules of the game Andar Bahar.

As you know, betting or gambling is illegal in some countries, and players and organizers can be punished if caught doing so; therefore, if you want to do betting, you should always check the betting platform license. But in the case of online casino games, you do not need to worry about any legal issues. In today's modern world, there are no rules and regulations in online casino games as they all have betting licenses and are fully authorized by the government.

That's why you will find countless betting sites and apps on the internet where you can play real money card games. Plus, they also offer several bonuses to kick-start your gaming journey.

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Basic Online Andar Bahar Game Rules and Startups

Although Andar Bahar is a simple card game, it has some rules and gameplay features you need to know before playing it on the live platform. These rules vary slightly between online casinos, new options with additional fun features, and live casinos. The Andar Bahar real money game rules are as follows:

  • The game starts with a standard 52 card of a deck.
  • In the game, there are two sides: Andar (inside side) and Bahar (outer side).
  • The dealer places the first card on the table, which is called (the joker or trump card).
  • The player bets on one side of the table (in or out).
  • The player wins when an identical joker card appears on the betting site, and the round is over.
  • The primary payout of Andar Bahar game odds are 0:0.9 and 0:1

What Is Andar Bahar Prediction Software?

The Andar Bahar prediction software is an app with pattern identification software that uses an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm. This AI-based algorithm calculates highly complex patterns to make the prediction highly accurate.

The prediction software uses its algorithm to identify all the patterns that are part of the Andar Bahar game. Then, this software calculates the correct way to follow after identifying the possible outcome.

With the help of this software, everything is calculated automatically, and predictions will be shown accordingly. It helps players identify possible outcomes and reduce their chances of losing high stakes.

Streamlined Features of Andar Bahar Game

The reason for the Andar Bahar game's popularity is now not hidden. The more features and functionalities you provide than your competitors, the more you will attract users to your platform. Here is the following features list that plays a crucial role in streamlining and making a stand-out Andar Bahar game development experience. The following features are:

Log In / Sign Up: It enables your users to join the game by login in or signing into the app. Users can use phone numbers or social media platforms to sign up quickly.

Play the Game in Online / Offline Mode

This is an excellent feature for users to have fun by playing the Andar Bahar game online with other players or even without an internet connection.

Practice Match

Players are most likely to play a few hands without risking anything at stake; therefore, a practice room feature will allow them to play a few rounds to learn the game basics.

Create a Private Table

A great feature that enables users to play the game with their loved ones with custom rules and gameplay. Users can create a private table, but an ID and password will be needed to join a private room.

Invite Friends to Play at a Private Table

Let your user enjoy their time while playing the Andar Bahar game with their friends. This feature allows users to invite their friends by the invite option. This option will let users and their friends play the game at a private table.

Play with Real Money

If you want to make your game app stand out and earn quickly, then adding this feature will work. Andar Bahar real money game is the main and the highlight feature that will enable your users to play the game and win real cash simultaneously.

Refer and Earn

A feature that allows users to win more. With each reference to another user, both users will earn rewards. And also it helps app operators or businesses to gain more users without doing anything.

In-App Wallet

It allows users to add money to the game to join the multiplayer or tournaments to play with real money. In addition, users can use in-app wallet features like the Paytm wallet or any other digital wallet to add or withdraw money.

Smart Notifications

Make your users aware of your game app happenings. For example, send users a push notification about your daily deals, new upcoming tournaments, or reminders about current matches.

Voice Chat & Group Chat Functionality

The top features so far now include voice chat and group chat functionality so that users don't feel bored. This feature helps users live chat with other players in the game or create group chat while playing in the private table. It increases users' engagement level with the platform.

Daily Bonus Coins

Daily rewards are another way to keep users engaged with the game app. Providing users with a daily or weekly bonus, coins will also help them start their Andar Bahar game day with full hands.

Admin Panel Features

The admin panel is an interface that allows administrators to handle and manage the application. Here are some of the top admin panel features:

Admin Dashboard

Admin can see all the happenings in the app, like app health, performance, earnings, and much more. 

User Management

Admin can access user profiles and edit, delete, modify, add content, etc. 

Game Records

It helps the admin know how many games the user has played and won.

Payment & Wallet Management

With the help of this feature, the administrator can manage the payment and wallet process so that it will inform how many coins have been purchased by users.

Data Optimization

Data attributes such as user profiles, personal information, etc., can help admins tailor in-app elements and game offers according to user behavior.

Game Optimization

This feature allows the admin to change the rules, settings, and other game conditions without complications.

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How To Develop The Andar Bahar Real Money Game Application?

The development of the Andar Bahar real money game app is not an easy task. It takes time and resources that help you develop the game and make it completely functional. Here are the key points you should remember while creating an Andar Bahar real money game.


You can't go out in the field without planning the whole game plan. Planning is the first step of any app development process. Andar Bahar game is top-rated worldwide, and that's why thousands of real-money Andar Bahar card game applications are already in the market. You need to plan out why, what, and how you are planning to launch your application in this challenging market.

Research the market

Research is crucial and must be very accurate if you want to make an original and unique impact in the gaming industry. The best way to develop your game is by putting more and proper time into R&D. Know what your competitors are focusing on and how they are gaining a vast audience; all these are part of the research.

Find professionals

If you are not fully aware or don't have enough development knowledge, leave this work for a well-experienced and highly knowledgeable mobile game development company. They will be fully equipped with prominent tech stacks and full-fledged development teams. From your end, you have to give them your project idea, and from there, they will handle it.

Choose platforms

Andar Bahar is very popular, and millions of people play this game online to earn money and have fun. So it's essential to decide on the game platform. Both Android and iOS platforms have nearly equal users. However, Android has more users than iOS. Suppose you want to leverage both platforms to target broader users from around the world, which also opens up more doors for earning high revenue. This can be done by building your game on a cross-platform technology that enables cross-compatibility. This way, you will save high costs as well as time.

Decide the core feature

As we mentioned earlier, features play a crucial role in making the app stand out. But also, it will increase app development costs, so the more complex features it will have, the more time and cost it will need to develop. Therefore, when deciding on the Andar Bahar game app features integrations, it will be best if you, for a start, include only core features as you create a real money game application.

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Choose online vs live dealer Andar Bahar game

Standard online casino games that differ from live do not have live dealers; instead, there is a Random Number Generator (RNG) system. As the name suggests, the numbers are generated randomly, which depends on your luck - just like the live version. Furthermore, most prominent online casino platforms use accredited software to run live dealer casino games. It ensures that the games are not rigged.

The bottom line is, decide what type of Andar Bahar game you want to develop. Both are very profitable, but live dealers will cost way more than online Andar Bahar games.

Regulations, Laws, and License

As you know, gambling on online platforms or in real-life is forbidden according to gambling laws and regulations in certain states and countries. Therefore, you will need an excellent online gambling and platform license to develop an Andar Bahar game with real money involvement. Thus, even before starting the development of your Andar Bahar app, consult with your development team and company about online gaming licenses. There are many online gambling license providers available you can contact and get a valid license.

These are the key points you should keep in mind when developing your Andar Bahar real money game app.

What technologies will be used to develop the Andar Bahar card game?

  • Game Development - Unity Engine (Hybrid Game - Supports Android, iOS, and Web)
  • Back-end Development - Node.js
  • Cloud - AWS or Azure
  • Database - SQL or MongoDB
  • Real-time Communication - Socket.IO
  • Real-time Analysis - Azure Stream Analytics
  • Smart Notifications - Google Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notification Services
  • Mail - Send Grid Mail Sender API
  • Payment Integration - PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, WePay, AmazonPay, Skrill
  • SMS Gateway - Twilio

What Are Tech Teams Required In Andar Bahar Game Development?

– Game Designer

– Programmer

– Sound Engineer

– Business Analyst

– Project Manager

– Cross-Platform Mobile Game Developer

– Back-end Game Developer

– 2D and 3D Graphic Designer

– VFX Animation Artist

– UI/UX Designer

– QA & Tester

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Where To Develop The Andar Bahar Real Money Game?

Orion InfoSolutions is a leading mobile game development company. We have proven global expertise and presence.

The company laid its foundation stone in 2014, and since then, they have served 50+ global clients with various card game apps like Andar Bahar, Dragon Tiger, Teen Patti, Blackjack, Poker, Call Break, and many more card game development services.

At Orion InfoSolutions, you will find the best IT solutions from over 15+ skilled mobile game developers with expertise in working across the latest and multiple technologies and game development studios such as Unity, Unreal and more. Orion InfoSolutions has a reputation in the game app development industry for its professional ethics, such as complete project transparency, real-time communication, on-time project delivery, affordable development infrastructure, etc.

If you are looking for No.1 Andar Bahar game development service providers, look no further than Orion InfoSolutions. We have a vast amount of game and app development portfolio and case studies. Our on-demand casino game development services include:

  • Casino Game Development
  • Poker Game Development
  • Rummy Game Development
  • Slot Game Development
  • Teen Patti Game Development
  • Live Dealer Casino Game Development
  • Roulette Game Development
  • Blackjack Game Development
  • Multigaming Platform App Development

Contact us to get the estimated cost of Andar Bahar real-money game development.


Online Andar Bahar has become an on-demand game for today's live casinos. As a result, many gaming businesses want to leverage the profitability of live casino platforms to maximize their revenue. Therefore, creating an Andar Bahar real money game app can be very profitable for your gaming startup business as there is a growing demand for such games.

We are at service if you are looking for a reliable and well-experienced game development company. We can lead your idea and turn it into reality, contact us to build cost-effective and interactive Andar Bahar game development solutions.

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