How to Build Location Finder & GPS Navigation App like Waze?

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How to Build Location Finder & GPS Navigation App like Waze?


Do you want to launch a Location finder and GPS navigation app like Waze? Then you should know what goes into a successful GPS navigation app development process.

In this modern technology world, mobile apps in various categories help people to find the best solutions for their problems. The compilation of innovative ideas with technologies indulged various small, medium and large enterprises in having an appealing solution given apps that help them expand their services worldwide.

But an app like Location finder and GPS navigation turned out to be the most used product worldwide. And among all apps, Waze is a top-class contender that offers various functionalities and features. Building a GPS navigation app for your startup business can be beneficial if developed correctly with complete research. GPS navigation app development like Waze could be a game changer for you and for your business; therefore, I recommend reading this comprehensive blog post.

Popular Location Based Apps

This post will give you a complete understanding of how to develop a location-based app for your business. So sit tight, and let’s dive into the topic.

What Is Waze?

Waze is a simple and lucrative location finder and GPS navigation app that launched in 2009 and has more than 150 million monthly active users worldwide. With the help of this app, users can easily track traffic routes and find less traffic routes for the best trip experience. The Waze app is also a trip-planning solution in which users can select and schedule the best route and time for their trips. The app contains all the freeways for your seamless journey. In addition, it has some interactive features like real-time routings, live maps and much more.

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How Does Waze Make Money? Revenue Models

Waze is a popular GPS navigation application that generates revenues from a variety of means, including the following:

Ads: Waze partners with various businesses and organizations to display location-based ads within the app. This includes promoting local businesses, branded locations and sponsored search results.

Connected Cars: Waze has partnered with automakers to integrate its navigation and traffic data into their connected vehicle systems, providing an in-dash navigation experience for drivers.

Local Partnerships: Waze partners with cities and other local organizations to provide traffic data and other information to help improve transportation in the community.

Premium Services: Waze provides premium services, such as real-time traffic updates, to its users for a fee.

By offering a combination of advertising, partnerships and premium services, Waze generates revenue while providing valuable services to its users. In addition, the company's business model is focused on providing drivers with a comprehensive and engaging navigation experience supported by revenue from various sources. You can use all these business models to generate higher revenue for your business or go for broader revenue opportunities.

So now that we have learned about the Waze app and its revenue-generating model, let's see its top features.

GPS App Development

What Are the Key Features of Location Finder & GPS Navigation App Development Like Waze?

The GPS navigation app possesses various rich features that allow users to get the best. Here are some key features that you can include in your GPS navigation app development like Waze.

Real-time Route Changing

This feature is lucrative and solves most of the traffic and routing-related problems. With the help of route-changing functionality, users can instantly select new, less-traffic routes. This function works in real-time, so if a user wants to change the routes or needs a new freeway route that helps to find less time-consuming routes, they can easily choose the new best route options for hassle-free travel.


Now you must need clarification! How does an app schedule your traffic routes and tell you when to travel? But this feature does. A GPS navigation app like Waze contains this feature that allows users to schedule their travelling time and location. And after adding your location and destination address, the app automatically selects less traffic and the best routes for your journey, and on top of that, it gives you the perfect time to travel as well. HOW GOOD IS THAT!

Maps + Apps

Another great feature that you should add to your GPS navigation app. With this feature, the app offers a real-time map, and on top of that, you can use your favorite apps, such as music apps, to fill the extra entertainment in the journey. You can also pair your other apps, such as the voice assistance feature, to automate your planning without interruptions.

Live Map

With the help of a live map option, you can choose your destination filled with joy and less boring traffic. You can set your leave time, and the app will notify you when you're travelling time is near. This will also tell you about real-time traffic so you can change your routes with clear clouds.

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Turn-by-Turn Navigation

A Location finder and GPS navigation app like Waze provide turn-by-turn navigation instructions, making it easier to find your way to your destination. So through this feature, you will always get onto the right roads as it offers real-time navigation instructions that also save you from driving or walking into any hefty traffic.

Voice Assist Navigation

This is a must have feature that you should definitely include in the GPS navigation app development. It allows you to hear voice assistance navigation instructions so that you can keep your eyes on the road. When you turn on this feature, voice assistance will tell you which routes are clear and have less traffic. 

Crowdsourced Data

This is another feature of GPS navigation apps like Waze that relies on its users to provide real-time information about traffic, road conditions and other incidents. Plus, it gives users a more accurate, clear, up-to-date picture of the road ahead. And top of that, this gives other app users clear information about today's road weather so they can easily re-plan their travels or driving journey.

ETA & Routing Optimization

Waze calculates the best route to your destination based on real-time traffic data and provides an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), so you can plan your trip accordingly.


Geopositioning is a lucrative feature that gives you a real-time location in the app. You can also see your current Geolocation and select the best routes to navigate yourself accordingly. The app shows your Geolocation as a small mark or point.

Destination Calculator

Waze is highly popular, and this feature must be included in your GPS app to match its reputation. If users cannot know how much time it will take to reach their destination, they can't perfectly plan their journey. But with this feature, the app automatically calculates the destination time and best routes within seconds.

Push Notification

Push notification gives your users a little boost to use the app more frequently. Location finder and GPS app can communicate better with users through helpful notifications. Integrating this feature into your GPS app will allow users to receive some important notifications or news about today's deals, dangerous situations, or merely timely information about upcoming events in their local community.

Lane Guidance

It allows you to drive on the right path. Lane Guidance is a great and advanced safety feature for new drivers or people. It helps you navigate complex traffic situations by guiding you in the right lane. It looks ahead clearly, showing you which lane to drive in, so you can stay comfortable even when driving in an unfamiliar city.

GPS App Development

These are some key features of Location Finder and GPS apps like Waze, making the app popular and useful for navigation and traffic updates. Now that we know which features are the best that will make your navigation app unique and ready for business, it's time to know how you can develop it.

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How To Develop Location Finder & GPS App Like Waze Successfully?

Your mobile app development team should follow the steps listed below to create a Location Finder and GPS navigation app similar to Waze:

Location Finder & GPS App Development Process

Invest More Time In Research

Research is the major upfront part that helps you decide whether you should do it or not. Similarly, with proper market research about the aspects driving the GPS navigation service providers industry on a success path and whether you should dive into this industry.

All of the above aspects should be concluded first. It will help you see through your business opportunities by GPS navigation app development. Defining your niche, and target customers, elaborate on your business requirements and conduct proper research in your domain will give you a competitive edge in the market.

Build Unique Idea

By researching, you get a clear picture of what you'll need to build a successful and strong navigation app for your business. Now that you have a complete market report about your niche and competitors, you can start building ideas for your location finder and GPS app development.

Define what sort of quality and unique benefits your app can provide your customers and how those benefits can help them comprehend the exceptional experience through your navigation app. And also, define the major difference or quality service that sets you apart from your top competitors. Then, by comprehending the above aspects, build unique ideas for the location finder and GPS navigation app development.

Choose a Reliable App Development Team

Now that you have done proper planning, it's time to choose your development partner. This is a crucial process that you need to be very sorted out about because your business future depends on it. Choosing a development team with complete knowledge of technologies should have well-experienced and proven expertise in developing top-quality apps.

GPS App Development

There are many things to consider while choosing a mobile app development company for your GPS based app development project.

It's essential to:

  • Opt for an experienced app development company with proven expertise and a convincing portfolio in the domain.
  • Consider asking the app developer about their experience and knowledge of building the location finder and GPS apps
  • Check if the company has any expertise in the platform you wish for your app, which includes Android or iOS.
  • Look for the best pricing and quality combination.

Integrate More & More Essential MVP Features

Features are one of the most important segments you should consider for your app development. The feature you will choose for your GPS navigation app development must be useful for your customers. You need to think out of the box to deliver your users a reason to choose your app. Any unnecessary feature will increase cost, and users will not find your app value giver. Therefore, you should only include key features that make your app unique and interactive.

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You can choose the above features of the Waze app, or if you have custom feature ideas, then you can also implement them into your location-based app. Remember to keep the number of features as it will affect your app development cost. Therefore, keep the essential features list ready. Build an MVP first; you can always add more features in the future.

Choose Right Technology Stack

Choosing the right tech stack will help you develop top-notch and complete functional applications. And top of that, working with the right technology can help reduce your location finder and GPS navigation app development cost.

The top tech stack is:

  • Swift for native iOS development
  • PostgreSQL or MySQL for database management
  • REST API for developing your APIs
  • Mobile Back-end technology

Some other technologies -

  • Geofencing API from Google;
  • The region monitoring API from Apple;
  • GPS technology and location services from Google;
  • The Core Location API from Apple to process location data;
  • iBeacon, the Bluetooth communication protocol from Apple

UI/UX Prototyping

Create a visual prototype of your GPS navigation app.

Start working on what your app will look like and what screens it will consist of. Your app design should be clean and intuitive. This will validate your idea. It will also help you understand and create more instructive app for you users.

Integrate Top Security Functions

With high strictness in data safety, integrating and providing high data protection has become more important than ever. Your app will undergo some data safety and privacy compliance through this development process. Users' data is one of the most important things you will have, so to protect it from hackers and cyber-attacks; you should invest much more in your security technologies to make your app completely secure.

Test the App

The coding process is done in the development phase. This is where the back-end coding happens. It would be best if you never underestimate the importance of app testing. Thorough testing helps to remove bugs and ensure code quality.

After going through all the steps mentioned above, your app is ready for launch.

Finally, the App Launch

Now you are in the final stage of launching your GPS navigation app in the market. This process is also crucial that includes marketing, publishing, making your app more visible and making it accessible to your users.

What Is the Cost To Create a Location Finder & GPS App Like Waze For Your Business?

The GPS navigation app development cost similar to Waze can vary majorly depending on several factors, including the app’s complexity, the number of features included, the geographic location of the GPS Navigation app development company or team, and the methodology used to create the app.

GPS App Development

Additionally, for developing a location finder & GPS app like Waze the estimated cost could be around $10,000 to $40,000 in India with standard features and functionality. And in other countries, such US-based companies charge around $30,000 to $80,000 with standard feature apps. Of course, the cost will go higher if you add more complex features, such as augmented reality navigation integration with carpool or connected car systems or real-time traffic updates. And the development of such an app could be anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000.

It’s also important to consider ongoing or post-maintenance and support costs, which can increase the app’s overall cost of ownership.

It’s worth noting that the GPS navigation app development like Waze is a complex and time-consuming process requiring a lot of expertise in several processes, including GPS navigation, mapping, and real-time data processing. As a result, it’s often best to work with a professional mobile app development team with experience building top-quality apps.

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Fortunately, we can help you build your dream GPS app project. Orion InfoSolutions is a leading GPS app development company with top-notch technical expertise and highly experienced mobile app developers. We are proficient in delivering quality that matters to the whole industry and end customers. If you have any project ideas, bring them to us, and we will convert them into reality.

Location Finder Apps


The market competition for GPS apps has finished with the Waze navigation app. Therefore, it is not shocking that the app has millions of monthly active users. So developing a location-based and GPS navigation app like Waze is highly beneficial for your business as you can offer users more lucrative features and functionalities that will set you apart from other market competitors. In addition, it will help you gain a unique identity in the domain.

We hope that this “how to build location finder and GPS navigation app like Waze guide” will help you understand how to make the best out of your GPS navigation app development and generate higher revenue for your business.

You can approach us if you need help developing such an app. We are a leading mobile app development company with innovative technology and development teams. We can bring your ideas into reality. Contact Orion InfoSolutions if you need help with your location finder and GPS app development project!

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