How to Hire Metaverse Developers? Don't Have Technical Background

How to Hire Metaverse Developers? Don't Have Technical Background
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Today we have come up with a new blog topic that covers how to hire metaverse developers and the tech skills you should look for in time of hiring. If you lack technical knowledge and are looking for a comprehensive guide, you have come to the right place. 

Modern technologies are driving the whole industry to accommodate new opportunities. Opportunities will enable this modern world to be filled with creativity and diverse ideas. The shift from regular digital business to metaverse business could soon become a hot topic due to the platform's potential.

The metaverse has been discussed excessively in the news headlines ever since Facebook rebranded their platform to Meta. Their vision is related to the metaverse with VR, AR, MR and ER to build a world similar to the real one but much better, safer and more interactive.

The role that Meta announced shook the world and drew global interest towards the metaverse platform. It is enticing that many companies are already infiltrating the metaverse technology to make their business more engaging and grab this opportunity to create better user engagement. They are hiring metaverse developers and extending their team to capitalize on the metaverse.

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Suppose you want to leverage the opportunities to stand your business in a strong position and provide diversified metaverse world solutions for your customers. In that case, you'll need a well-experienced metaverse development team. But a roadblock in the process could be the current skills gap in the market. How can you find and hire metaverse developers who will allow you to join this next-generation revolution?

The services Metaverse developers can provide to your business potentially change how people engage with your business digitally. They can help drive the progression from metaverse games and social media platforms to a 3D space. It allows you to communicate with your potential audience more interactively.

Below, we discuss the skills your new developers will need to navigate the new reality successfully. We also share some tips on where to hire Metaverse engineers and how to get them on board.

Metaverse is still an unknown world and still has so many things to cover up. So before you learn how to find Metaverse developers, you must learn the services these experts provide.

Metaverse App - Metaverse applications create amazing user experiences while covering a wide audience using various devices to access your Metaverse.

Decentralized Services – The Metaverse platform allows for the creation of decentralized platforms for most purposes, including socializing, trading, gaming, and shopping.

Gaming - The gaming industry could benefit from finding great metaverse engineers by bringing their projects to a new level of user engagement.

NFTs - Metaverse developers can enable your users to own digital assets fully and even start NFT trading.

Integration Services – Qualified developers can also improve third-party services and data integration with existing metaverses.

NFT Marketplace – You can seek out a Metaverse NFT development team for hire to build a complete marketplace, going from concept to result with a virtual environment and payment systems.

Marketing Services - Experienced developers can use their knowledge to help you market your products to Metaverse users.

Social Media - Engage your target audience with the social media metaverse where they can interact just like in real life, find out more about your business and products, and much more.

These can connect e-commerce and the metaverse world, leveling up your marketing. If you want to pursue this, learn about the technical and additional skills the best metaverse developers for hire should possess.

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What Programming Language is Required to Create a Metaverse?

Metaverse is still a concept with so many things to reveal. Therefore, if you are flickering your way to move your business in the metaverse, hire metaverse developers. However, metaverse development is no easy task that requires comprehensive programming skills. Let's check out what programming skills are required to create a metaverse and look out while hiring metaverse developers.


Every metaverse developer should be familiar with the in-depth concept of Meta. If a developer possesses at least basic knowledge about Meta, then it is sufficient for metaverse development. To be eligible to build Metaverse solutions for you, they require the following skills: 

Unity: Unity is a game engine that helps companies create games by integrating elements such as graphics, audio, gameplay, etc., into a given digital game. This tool is very helpful in Meta for creating 3D space or environment objects and delivering the right integration of the virtual world.

Unreal: A great alternative to Unity, a similar concept but with diverse features that helps game designers comprehend its flexibility to create a 3D world. The platform is cross-platform compatible, allows less code and better space for metaverse development. 

C Family: C/C #/C++ is the top-grade programming languages widely used to create applications that incorporate blockchain technology. This skill proficiently works with metaverse, where digital assets and NFTs are logged and traded securely. It's best to hire metaverse developers who hold all these platforms and programming language knowledge.


Roblox is focused on creating a vibrant and immersive virtual world in the existing gaming platform and modern technology. The platform utilizes Augment Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) elements that help to create a real base virtual world.


Ethereum is still one of the popular platforms, with a current market cap of Ethereum of $154.87bn. With blockchain security, Ethereum offers a robust platform for metaverse projects. In fact, there are so many metaverse projects already created.

Take Sandbox as an instance; this open-source 3D virtual-based platform is vibrant with active 3D space powered by Ethereum. This gives a strong environment for the transaction of digital assets. 

If you want to capitalize in the metaverse, comprehend this tech expertise and hire metaverse developers with these skills.

Skills in this section include Unity and Unreal, as well as Solidity, a programming language for Smart Contracts.

Additional skills include:

  • Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Non-fungible token (NFT)
  • Machine learning (ML)
  • Blockchain technology
  • Crypto services, etc.

You need to know the right places to find metaverse developers for hire. Regular job boards are fine, but platforms are where you're more likely to find the perfect match for your business.

Things to Consider When Looking for Metaverse Professionals

Sure technical skills are the basics, but you must understand that you need to hire a metaverse expert who is a team player, not a backbencher, has good social skills, no time-passing skills, and more. Here are some important things to consider while looking for metaverse experts:

Communication skills - How well they can communicate their needs, problems, progress, etc., with you and other team members.

Problem-solving – how well they handle pressure and critical situations during the construction or development of the project.

Trend-following - How familiar they are with the latest trends in the technology industry. The metaverse is evolving and changing rapidly, and it's important to stay updated with every change.

Data security – The security of both the data in your project and the information about it. NDAs come in handy here.

Remember that the metaverse goes beyond finding metaverse engineers based on the code's quality.

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Now, as you have both the technical and additional skills a good dev should have, we can finally get down to how to hire metaverse developers!

How To Hire a Metaverse Developer?

When looking to hire metaverse programmers, there are a few things that you should consider first. There is a specific hiring structure that you should follow. Below are some considerable aspects while hiring a developer.

Job Description:- When you decide to extend your team for metaverse development, the job description plays a crucial role. Whether you choose LinkedIn or staff, augment companies like Orion InfoSolutions, your requirements and responsibilities should be crystal clear. The job description section is the most important part of your job posting. This is where you introduce the job offer and your company to potential applicants. A solid description attracts candidates with completeness and accuracy, so be sure to mention all aspects relevant to your company. For example, highlight whether a position is remote and describe your company culture so people know if the job is right for them.

Responsibilities:- This section is very important as you will have to create a role for your candidates. In this section, you need to add the responsibilities a developer has to fulfil to fit the title job. Make a comprehensive list of responsibilities you want to give metaverse developers to know if they are perfect candidates. This way, you will hire a developer that suits your business requirements.

Qualification:- Qualification defines your knowledge background. So add a section where you can ask about your possible candidate's educational background. This section gives you the clearest idea about the candidate's relevant education with the job description.

Salary Range:- This section is important; you can add salary criteria per candidate's experience and knowledge. If a candidate is less experienced and possesses less tech expertise, you can offer them a salary accordingly. If a candidate is well experienced, possesses complete tech expertise and fits completely with all your requirements, you can offer a three-figure job.

How to Find the Best Metaverse Developers and Gain Competitive Edge In the Market?

Interview questions for Metaverse developers - 

Once you've shortlisted applicants for the respective position or role, you can use a few general questions to narrow down your choices. Ask questions like:

Q - Can you define the Metaverse in a few sentences? The answer will tell you how aware the applicant is of recent advances in the Metaverse.

Q - Are you working directly or indirectly on the Metaverse development project? You can also ask applicants if they have done any similar projects before.

Q - How do you think the Metaverse alleviates some of the limitations of the current technology market? This is the question you should ask if you want to see how well applicants are a good fit for your company's projects.

Q - How is blockchain related to the Metaverse? Be sure to ask this question if you plan to use Ethereum.

Practical Interview

If you want to hire a developer, it would be best to conduct a coding-based interview to know the applicant's real knowledge. You can add this section after conducting the questions and answer round. Many websites offer practical-based sessions to gain in-depth knowledge of a developer's expertise.  

These questions will help you choose and hire the best developer for your business needs without complications.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Metaverse Developers?

When hiring developers for your business needs, consider some important aspects, like whether you want to hire in-house or offshore metaverse developers. There are big differences between both hiring structures; therefore, it is important to understand which option is good for you. In-house hiring is where you hire a developer in your company as an employee and offer a monthly salary whether you have any project to work on or not. And offshore hiring is where you hire developers from other countries to maximize your project's successful development. 

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The cost to hire metaverse developers depends on some factors like developer experience, knowledge and other skill expertise. However, the cost of hiring a metaverse developer is a different market. If you hire a metaverse developer in India, they will charge the amount hourly. The model is below:

Indian-Based Developer -

The Cost to Hire a Metaverse Developer With Basic Experience & Knowledge In India - is $25 to $50+/hour (USD).

The Cost to Hire Metaverse Developers With Highly Experienced & Knowledge In India - is $75 to $150+/hour (USD).

US-Based Developer -

The Cost to Hire Metaverse Developers With Basic Experience & Knowledge In the US - is $60-100+/hour (USD).

The Cost to Hire a Metaverse Developer With High Experience & Knowledge In the US - is $150-250+/hour (USD).

Hire the Best Metaverse Developers: A Step-by-Step Guide for Pioneer and Early Adopters

Need a guide on how to hire metaverse developers when you don't have a technical background? We have provided a lot of useful information that will help you hire the developer as per your needs without brainstorming for yourself. And if you are a pioneer and early adopter of the metaverse, here is the comprehensive step-by-step guide to hiring the best metaverse developers.

Step 1. Define Your Goal & Objectives

The number one step, define your business niche, goal and objectives to hire a metaverse expert. This is the stage many startups fail to accomplish; as a result, "NO IDEA WHERE ARE THEY". So if you don't want to add your name with them, clear your vision and comprehend your business objectives. 

These are some basic elements that a startup should comprehend even before jumping into the market.

  • Be Specific - The business goal should be identified first.
  • Measurable - There should be some metric – such as a percentage – to measure progress.
  • Achievable - There should be some expectation that the goal or plan is achievable, even if it is a difficult task.
  • Budget - Make a budget to align your business objectives accordingly.
  • Realistic - A goal should be realistic to the company's operations and align with its business plannings and future-based.
  • Time Framework - The goal should be achieved in a certain amount of time.

Research the market and align your competitors to drive your business in the same domain. When you choose your competitors, you get an idea about what goals you have to meet.

Step 2. Choose Recruitment Model

The next step is choosing a good recruitment model. After defining your goals, the next big hassle is how to hire metaverse developers. To ease your work, you can hire a recruiter who will hire teams from all over the social media channels and listing sites. 

  • Social media and listing sites are the best way to find what you are looking for. So if you need a developer, a recruiter can find them from various channels such as LinkedIn.
  • Hiring agencies is the quickest way to find developers; however, there is no guarantee that the developer or specialist they will provide you is highly expert in the domain you want.
  • Tie-ups with other companies can benefit you as they can provide highly experienced developers per your requirements.
  • Offshore hiring is a great way to get quality development, but it can be too costly.
  • Staff augment an effective and affordable model in which every client gets just the required skill.

Step 3. Test & Interview

Suppose you have found some candidates that suit your project requirements, but now the problem is here: how will you shortlist them? This is where testing and practical interviews come in handy, eliminating the complexity of the process. You can test and interview them to shortlist the applicants, and whoever stands out on your expectations can hire them.

How to Kick Start Your Metaverse Project With Orion InfoSolutions Metaverse Development Team?

So before you hire metaverse developers from the market, consider applying or approaching Orion InfoSolutions. We are a leading metaverse development company that possesses top-notch and highly experienced metaverse developers and cost-effective development models for your metaverse project. 

With over 8+ years of working experience and more than 25+ development teams working with the latest technologies and tools, we can help you create your dream metaverse project turn into reality while staying within your budget limit. Our development structure offers you the following: 

- The proper time structure for the project

- The investment you will need

- The risks and ways to reduce them

So, if you want to hire a metaverse development team, make Orion InfoSolutions your first development partner.

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To hire metaverse developers, you need to know certain things, such as:

  • What services do they provide?
  • What services do you require?
  • What is your budget?
  • Where to find the right developers?
  • How to conduct interviews?

Metaverse is full of opportunities and risks; ultimately, capitalizing your business in the metaverse world is not recommended. Through this blog, you have learned how to hire metaverse developers even though you don’t have enough technical knowledge. We have provided many aspects and things to consider while recruiting developers for your project needs.

Orion InfoSolutions is a prominent metaverse development company in India with an extensive pool of development teams. We strive to offer metaverse development services for your business and help you get an early competitive edge in the market. Have any project ideas? Contact us now!

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