Pick My Laundry App Development Cost & Features

Pick My Laundry App Development Cost & Features
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In the current digital modern world, everything is nearly possible whether you want a house cleaning service, food delivery, or laundry service, which is the most demanding service nowadays. The laundry business is a never-ending industry, and even with time, it will become more popular and dependable.

If you are already running a laundry business and it is present physically, moving your business to a broader area is not a bad decision. Having an app for your laundry business can make your business grow even bolder and faster. Moreover, because of the Covid cases, most people barely step out of their homes and go to the laundry place to wash/dry up their clothes. And that amplifies the call for quick solutions like a laundry app that helps people do all their laundry chores at their fingertips.

And to know how much developing a pick my laundry app will cost, stay put and keep reading this blog, as we will tell you all the required information about it. Through this blog, you will learn what the Pick My Laundry app development costs and features are. So let's get started.

How Does This Pick My Laundry Apps Work?

Dry cleaning apps like Pick My Laundry have helped many people do their laundry in no time. Here is how the on-demand laundry app works.


Customers download and install the laundry and a dry cleaning app, place their laundry order and schedule a suitable pick time.

Pick Up Laundry

After placing the order, an agent from the laundry company will be assigned to pick up your order and take your laundry for washing up.

Laundry Process

The agent from the laundry company will take your order to the laundry staff, where only professionals will handle your clothes with all the dry cleaning services.

Laundry Delivery

Users can set the scheduled time in the app to pick up the laundry. Also, users can select the option of self-pickup or delivery of the order.

Types of On-Demand Laundry Apps like Pick My Laundry

There are three business models around which you can wrap your idea for an on-demand laundry application.

Aggregator Laundry App

The application owners do not have a laundry shop in Aggregator Laundry App. Still, they look forward to creating a platform where they can bring launderers and customers and provide services.

In aggregator laundry app development cost, the only role you will play is to list the various laundry shops on your application. Payment, pickup and delivery will be handled directly between the launderer and the customer.

Laundry Marketplace App

Laundry Marketplace is an on-demand laundry solution where laundry shops are listed, and activities like pick up and drop off will also be taken care of. It is like a typical on-demand application where the platform manages the delivery, and the service marketplace is provided by multiple launderers listed in the application.

Dedicated Laundry App

Dedicated laundry app built for a specific laundry shop. Usually, these laundry shops have multiple outlets, and to provide better quality services, they created dedicated applications stating the available services and prices.

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What Are The Advantages of Laundry App Development For Your Business?

Laundry apps are a power pack for the users that helps them make all their laundry work easy and simple. And from a business perspective, laundry app development has numerous benefits. If you have been planning to jump into the online laundry business, this is the time.

On-demand laundry apps like Pick My Laundry enable businesses to reach a wide range of customers easily. You will not only open the door to your own success but also benefit your customers by saving them valuable time. Here are the top advantages/benefits of on-demand laundry app development:

Customer Convenience: Laundry or Dry Cleaning apps like Pick My Laundry make washing up clothes easy for users. Users can book appointments and schedule the laundry pickup time from anywhere.

Automation of Business: The laundry app development makes your laundry business completely automate processes like payment, booking, pickup, and delivery, which helps them work more efficiently on a large scale.

Wide Coverage: These laundry apps help businesses target a broader area. It allows you to make your business visible widely, gives you more profit opportunities, and enables more users to use your services rather than those offering the same service in a limited area.

Feedback: The laundry and Dry Cleaning Service Mobile App allows users to give their genuine opinions and reviews.

Real-Time Tracking: Users can track the laundry or dry cleaning service and know the status of their laundry service.

So, developing a Laundry app is a smart choice if you're looking to make your business completely automated and run it like a professional. It will increase your number of customers and help your business grow even faster.

Competition is high in the online laundry industry, and many companies are trying to rise to the top. And getting to the top requires a lot of hard work and good integration strategies. Therefore, to do it properly, you will need the guidance of experts who know this gaming industry very well. For this, you should choose an experienced mobile game development company.

No problem; this is where we can help you. If you want, we can be your Laundry app, development partner.

Orion InfoSolutions is a leading and efficient Laundry App Development Company and Service Provider with experience developing classy and efficient solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs. We have an experienced and capable tech stack of mobile app developers. If you have a pick my laundry app or any other app development project in mind, look no further than Orion InfoSolutions.

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Top Quality Features Of Pick My Laundry App Development

There are so many generic and proficient laundry apps available in the marketplace; therefore, the features you will incorporate should be top-notch and unique. Your main objective should be to comprehend customer-centric satisfaction and trust. There is no way customers will trust you until and unless you make them feel that the service you offer is genuine and better than others in every corner.

It is essential to determine the USP of your brand before presenting it to your potential audience. Consider the factors that set you apart from your competitors. Defining your USP will help your app development partners incorporate unique features for your Laundry business.

Top must-have features of Laundry apps like Pick My Laundry -

Push Notification

Push Notification is a great way to keep your users up-to-date with important information. This way, your laundry application will get higher visibility among your users. You can use push notifications to update the user about your new services, send sweet and soft messages of laundry reminders, and much more. The benefits of push notifications are great when you know how to use them.

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Simple Login Page

This is an essential pay-attention feature because this will be the first impression of your application. Therefore, service providers must incorporate fast and simple login protocols for users. Login portals allow users to land at their destination fast and use the app service for their laundry needs.

Real-Time Order Tracking

To make your laundry app flawless, adding this feature will do the work. Real-time order tracker reduces user tension about their laundries. Users can track their order details and also check their order status. Integrating such features increases reliability and trust, this helps your users make you their all-in-one laundry solution provider. With the help of GPS, users can track their laundry utilities or items. Everything from the delivery time to the agent's real-time location is visible on the app screen.

A floating screen showing the real-time delivery location is similar to the food delivery service, where users can see their ordered delivery agent's location.

In-App Camera

An in-app camera is a great feature of a laundry service mobile app, which you should add to your laundry application. Users can click the photos of stains in the clothes and highlight them to let laundry service providers know where they need to focus hard.

Payment Modes

This is a vital part that you should focus on, a payment page and options. Adding reliable payment options helps users make payments easily; therefore, consider adding the most popular payment gateways, such as Paytm, online banking, credit and debit cards, etc. Also, the payment page should be simple, fast, and supports all the essential payment modes.

Split Payment

It is a must-have option to attract users, as with the help of a split payment method, users can use multiple payment sources to settle the full cost of a single transaction. Split payment allows individuals to use multiple payment methods to fulfill an order or enables multiple individuals to contribute part of an order total jointly. It helps the service provider and user make a full payment settlement.

Chat Bot

This is one of the most reliable features a laundry app can have. The Chabot option will allow the user to contact or chat with the service provider as and when required and contact the laundry workers independently. Also, when users have certain problems related to the app or services, through Chat Bot, they can contact customer support service that can help resolve users' problems.


After selecting the number of garments and service options, customers will see the average cost. The cost varies depending on the services chosen by the customer. The customer should be able to apply for any discount or offers, if available. When placing a request for laundry service, the customer should also see a break-up of the total cost showing the individual service price for each item.

Ratings and Reviews

Customers are encouraged to leave reviews and ratings after receiving their laundry. It allows service providers to know how their customer is experiencing the service. Delivery partners or laundry services can also be ranked so users can choose delivery agents or services by the ranks.

Features of Service Provider Application

Map of Location: The service provider should focus on this aspect the most. The map shows exactly where the customer is. Delivery men can use this feature to trace the customer's location when they get their clothes washed and delivered.

Earnings: This feature helps the service provider’s track how much they have earned. They can show detailed reports of every day's work or show earnings.

Pickup and Drop: There is a feature in the service provider laundry mobile app that allows them to accept pickup or drop-off customer requests. So accepting or rejecting the request from the customer depends on the service provider.

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Features of the Admin Panel

Admin Login: Admin can log in to the dashboard once the registration process is complete. With the help admin panel, administration can control all user and app-related things.

Dashboard: It helps admins access users and delivery guy data without needing any permission from anyone. Admin will access all the user data like the number of clothes, the driver assigned, booking date, etc. 

Analytics: Admin can see the growth report and how many users/ drivers have registered in the app. The whole app's performance and insights are visible to the admin in the analytics panel.

Reminders: Admin can send push notifications to users about their laundries. This simplifies admin whole tasks and processes in no time.

Technologies Indulged In On Demand Laundry App Development

The founding technologies have a crucial role in mobile app development for apps like Pick My Laundry. The latest technologies that are used to develop flawless mobile applications are:

Cloud Environment

A cloud environment is a web-based service that allows businesses, organizations, or individuals to store their data and information on the web server rather than storing them on a personal computer. Nowadays, these cloud-based servers and services are booming very rapidly as they can securely store unlimited data and provide data rapidly when needed.

If we talk about mobile laundry applications, then the role of cloud-based environment technology is way more important than it looks. Building an application is not impossible, but laundry apps like Pick My Laundry contain many users and drivers’ data and information.

Google, AWS, and Azure are the best technologies that help with cloud integration. Customer details (like phone numbers, email addresses, transaction history, etc.) can be filled in accurately with the help of cloud-based technology. In addition, it will also monitor the security and integrity of the trading platform.

Top 3 Best Ways to Make Your Laundry App Stand Out

The App Store is a convenient place to get mobile apps suitable for all situations. However, there are many solutions to critical issues, so it's easy for a laundry list of programs to clutter up the list of options, hiding your masterpiece. Due to the success of Pick My Laundry and other related start-ups, new on-demand laundry app development is constantly being launched.

We have a few methods that can help you with this.

Enable customers to set reminders

You should investigate adding a feature that enables the setting of automatic daily or weekly pickup and delivery for people who aren't interested in doing laundry. A pre-set notification can automatically remind customers about the pickup schedule where they can approve or reschedule it because they are not ready.

Improve App Store Optimization

Apple shared that 65% of app installs come from searches, and with 500 million visitors weekly, that's the number of searches. These estimates are surprisingly effective and highlight the need for a solid organic presence from an App Store optimization perspective.

Bonuses and Special Offers

Attracting new customers is difficult, but retaining them is even more difficult. Therefore, it is important to give joining bonuses and special offers to convert new customers into normal, loyal customers.

You can offer additional guest discounts such as sponsorships and free rides or similar, cashback for further orders or referring the code to other people.

Tech Teams Required In Pick My Laundry App Development

Developing a laundry app is difficult, requiring dedicated resources and a proficient team with comprehensive knowledge of various programming tools. And if you don't have enough knowledge about how the coding and development process works, leave this part to mobile app development companies or developers. These mobile app development companies possess tech expertise and resources that can help you build your dream project in reality. Here is the tech teams required in the development of the Pick My Laundry app:

- Business analysts

- Android developers

- iOS developers

- UI/UX designer teams

- Back-end developers

- Project managers

- QA Engineers

- DevOps Engineer

Technology Stack Required In Pick My Laundry App Development

For SMS & Phone Service

  • Twilio
  • Nexmo


  • Twilio
  • io

Payment Gateways

  • GPay/Paypal/Paytm
  • Online Banking/Credit Card/Debit Card
  • Braintree/Stripe/EWallets


  • HBase
  • Cassandra
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL

Email & Integration

  • Mail Chimp and Other APIs

Cloud Integration

  • AWS
  • Google
  • Azure

Real-Time Analytics

  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • Apache Flink
  • Cisco
  • IBM

Maps Integration

  • Google Map

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an App Like Pick My Laundry?

The world is getting more digital transformation with the latest technology integration. There are already many solutions available for each problem. Developing a laundry delivery app takes a lot of time and development resources. These development resources and the time are the factors that affect the cost of an application.

And developing an app like Pick My Laundry comes with standard features and functionalities, and the estimated cost of such an app is around $5,000-$10,000. However, if you have some unique idea related to your laundry app that possesses a comprehensive number of features, the cost can be increased.

Therefore, before building your laundry app, define your business objectives. Research your market, highlight your top competitors, and target your audience. This will give you a clear picture of your surroundings and what you need to do and make your app different from others. By the way, here are some other costs of app development, like Pick My Laundry.

In India, the cost for Laundry app development on Android and iOS platforms with end-to-end backend support would be around $10,000-$20,000. But if we talk about worldwide, then costs differ way too much.

Across the World:

Basic Feature App Projects - $5,000 - $10,000 (1-3 Months)

Standard Feature App Projects - $10,000 - $20,000 (4-9 Months)

Complex Feature App Projects - $20,000 - $40,000+ (9+ Months)

Who Can Develop a Laundry App?

Developing an app is a work of art that only highly knowledgeable and experienced experts can develop. We are a leading mobile game and app development company in India and have extensive in-house, offshore, and dedicated app and game developers teams with us. We have more than 8 years of experience, and our budget-friendly development structure has helped us garner more than 2k projects with complete client satisfaction.

We value our customers' objectives and requirements for their projects. Hence, we listen to customers' ideas and then source them with top-tier development teams and technologies. At Orion InfoSolutions, our professionals can provide rich-featured and business-ready solutions that allow you to compete with your competitors in your domain.

If you have any project ideas, bring them to us, and we will make the best effort and resources to make that idea turn into reality without complications.

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