Real Money Ludo Game Development Guide & Aspects

Real Money Ludo Game Development Guide & Aspects


Ludo is always fun to play board games played all around the world. People can play together and have fun. Ludo is the best passing game. Now gone are the days when gamers used to buy traditional ludo game boards. With the introduction of modern and innovative technologies, the whole scenario of the ludo game has changed. These days gamers can easily find their games on the various app stores across the internet. Being a popular game, Ludo is also available via an app; simple downloading steps and gamers can gain access to play it.

Most gaming giant companies in India are already leveraging the profitability of Ludo game development. Many game development companies utilize modern tech to incorporate the latest and trending features in the Ludo game app. With such features, it makes online Ludo games more fun. With the increasing demand for real money, this industry is moving forward, and ludo games are not going less.

Modern technologies have made it possible to play games online via the app or web. You can also introduce your gaming app with innovative trends to lure your target audience to grow your business even faster.

What Is an Online Real Money Ludo Game?

Ludo is a widely popular board game that can be played with four players. The Ludo game board contains four section; yellow, blue, red and green. Each player has four pieces that move around the board according to the dice rolls. The game's object is to move all your pieces from start to finish before your opponents do. 

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Sports are a great way to have fun with family and friends and can be a great way to pass the time. The game is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a great way to foster strategic thinking, counting and decision-making skills.

Orion InfoSolutions Top Real Money Ludo Game App Development Example

Orion InfoSolutions is a top certified real money ludo game development company in India that offers interactive and business-ready gaming solutions for businesses. One of the most popular and highly emerging Ludo Snack apps is developed by Orion InfoSolutions.

If you have any real money ludo game project ideas, bring them to us. We will help you develop your real money ludo game app and make it available for market launch. 

Real money Ludo is a simple game that people of all ages can enjoy. The game is easy to learn and a great way to spend time with friends and family. The popularity of Ludo has increased in recent years with the advent of mobile apps.

Ludo game app provides players with an easy and convenient way to play the game anytime and anywhere. The app is designed with attractive graphics and colourful visuals, making it a fun and exciting experience. Players can easily find opponents to play against, as the app offers them a wide range of options. Additionally, the game features several different game modes that may appeal to different types of gamers.

The game also features in-game rewards and prizes for completing specific tasks. This allows players to customize their gaming experience and motivates them to keep playing. The game also features leaderboards, which allow players to compare their scores with others and compete for the top spots. This adds an element of competition to the game and encourages players to keep playing to improve.

Lastly, Ludo game apps offer different difficulty levels, allowing players to progress at their own pace. This helps make the game more enjoyable and allows players to increase the difficulty level gradually. This makes the game more challenging and engaging, encouraging players to keep playing.

How Business Can Generate Revenue From A Ludo Game App Development?

Ludo is a widely played game that millions of people play on a daily basis. The game itself is very simple, but it can be challenging and fun for both casual and experienced gamers. As a result, it’s no surprise that many businesses have seen the potential in creating a ludo game app and offering it to potential customers.

There are many ways that businesses can generate revenue from a ludo game app. By offering in-app purchases, ads, subscriptions, freemium models, affiliate programs, tournaments, and merchandise, businesses can monetize their ludo game app and generate a steady revenue stream. Ways in which a business can generate revenue from Ludo game app development.

In-App Purchases

The first way that a business can generate revenue from a ludo game app is through in-app purchases. This includes offering additional content, such as new levels or customizations, or offering the ability to buy in-game currency. This type of revenue model is very popular in mobile gaming and can be an effective way to generate revenue.

In-App Ads

Ads are another way a business can generate revenue from a ludo game app. Ads can be integrated either within the app itself or as a banner ad on the app’s page in the app store. This revenue model can be very effective if the ads are targeted correctly and the user is more likely to click on the ad and purchase something.


Businesses can generate revenue from a ludo game app by offering merchandise related to the game. This could include t-shirts, mugs, hats, and other items featuring the game’s logo or characters. This revenue model can be very effective if the merchandise is attractive and of good quality.


Tournaments are a great way businesses can generate revenue from the Ludo game app. This includes offering in-game tournaments and allowing players to compete for prizes. This revenue model can be very effective if the tournaments are well organized and the prizes attractive.


Subscription is another business revenue model that a ludo game company can use for their applications. In this revenue model, ludo game app owners can add a monthly subscription-type option to access exclusive services or items in the game. This is a very effective and profitable model that every gaming industry is aware of, and it offers similar options to generate high revenue for their businesses.

Premium paid apps

Premium is a popular revenue model that gives you lifetime profitability in your business. Through this model, you can publish your ludo game in the various app stores and make it paid. In short, users must pay first to download the game, and only then can they install it. This monetization model is only beneficial when you have a strong proposition in the market. If you are not a well-recognized business in the market, then avoid this monetization business model.

Top Must Have Features Of Real Money Ludo Game Development

If you are serious about developing a real money ludo game for your business, consider working with professionals who know what goes into successful game development. As a leading mobile game development company with over 8+ years of experience in the IT field, and provided countless IT solutions to nearly every industry.

We know how this gaming industry works and what are the user requirements. The ludo game we develop has interactive features that never confuse users. Here are the top-class ludo game features we provide.

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We integrate two types of app functionality; user panel features and admin panel features. Check out our user panel features:

Real Money Ludo Game User Panel Features


Login and sign-up are essential features that every app possesses. This option allows your user to enter the game. Users have to sign up for the game with given credentials, such as through phone numbers or social media logins. 

Offline/Online Support

Our developed real money ludo game is highly versatile and flexible, and as a result, the platform is compatible offline and online. Players can play ludo games without an internet connection and with an internet connection. 

Practice Match

This feature allows players to prepare well before going into real money mode. With the help of this feature, players can try their hands without any risks. Players can easily learn the game by using practice matches with AI. 

Private/Custom Room

Not everyone wants to play every time with real money or with AI; therefore, this feature helps players to invite their loved ones to a custom ludo room to chill and have fun. There will be no interruption through unwanted subjects. Only you will have access to create a room and invite a person you want to play with.

Multiplayer Mode

A must-have feature that every gamer wants in their games. Multiplayer mode allows players to play the game with other players across the platform. This feature takes players into an online ludo game world where only professionals and skilled gamers can survive.


A basic feature that will make your player's experience more native and immersive. Our developed real money ludo game app supports various languages that offer users native language game environments. This way, players can play the game by choosing their native language.

Instant Play & Withdrawals

This feature is fast as a supercar; in simple words, players can choose a fast ludo game option in which the whole game will finish in less than 6-8 minutes, which is beneficial for fast pace players. Along with that, the game is fast, and players can withdraw their winning amounts instantly.

Play With Real Money

A most important feature to add to your ludo game. This feature should be included in your list to allow players to play the ludo game with real money. This feature allows players to play online ludo with money and win massive cash prizes. It is also a great way to engage your target users on your platform.


To keep the ludo game business alive and more engaging for players, incorporating this feature can improve your daily performance. Daily fresh tournaments with new challenges and exciting rewards entice players to play it more.

Refer & Win

Another great feature to add to your real money ludo game is that it will help you increase the user base of your platform. With this option, players can refer other users to join the game, and in return, they will be rewarded with great prizes.

In-App Wallet

Players can add money to the game through an in-app wallet to participate in the real money ludo game or various tournaments. Therefore, ask your game developer to integrate fast and reliable wallet options when adding this feature.

Auto Mode

Not necessary, but still a very engaging feature for players who don't want to move their bodies to play the game. This feature enables auto-move functionality for players. This way, players don't need to press the option to move their turn; the game automatically will move the chance.

Real-Time Chatting

Players can get bored by playing repeatedly; therefore, this feature enables them to turn on the chat system, and through the chat system, they can chat with other players and send funny stickers, emojis, etc.

There are even more features that you can add to your real money ludo game. The above features give you a complete look at what sort of ludo app you can or want to develop. Moreover, now let's move to admin panel features. 

Real Money Ludo Game Admin Panel Features

User Management

This feature will allow admins to manage all the user accounts, add or delete users, manage user profiles and view user statistics. Admins have complete control over user management and can perform all the necessary operations.

Payment Transactions

With this admin feature, app owners will know how many payment transactions have been done. Admin can easily record payment transaction data in the backend to keep track of their business transactions.

Payment Management

This feature allows the admin to manage all payments related segments to the game and view payment reports. Admin can easily track all the transactions done thoroughly by all users. 

Game Records

Through this feature, app owners will have all the records of the ludo game matches from tournament to multiplayer. This way admin can allow users to see their match records.

Notification Management

This a great feature that every admin panel should have in their app. Through this function, administrators can manage or send all types of notifications to their players. It allows you to send smart or pop-up messages, which helps you engage players with your game.

Manage Admins/Sub Admins

This admin panel feature allows app owners to give access to other team members so that the complete app management burden doesn't fall only on you. Admin can add or remove other app admins as per their needs.

View Earnings

A simple but highly important feature that you definitely should include in your real money ludo game. This feature allows administrators to easily track their overall app earnings from the start until now.

There are some more admin panel features available that you can incorporate into your ludo game app. Explore some flawless and interactive User and Admin panel features with us and build a ludo game app that will give your business a cutting-edge domain in your industry.

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When you work with Orion InfoSolutions, you will get access to our top premium and remarkable app, game and web development infrastructure that appeals to your business structure. Cost models that suit every size of the company, development teams not only create your project rapidly but also, in return, you will learn an exceptional process of creating solutions with modern and AI technologies.

Don't waste your time; bring your dream project to us, and we will make it real.

How To Develop a Real Money Ludo Game?

As we have said many times, ludo is a popular board game. With such modern technologies and high-end smartphones, ludo games are booming in the app stores and many other games that possess high-quality 2D and 3D graphic animation. So we can render the overall profitability from developing a mobile game for your business. But here is a catch! How are you going to develop such a popular game without any complications? To solve this problem, there is a process that goes into the development of a game or app. Here is the complete real money ludo game development process.

Concept and Idea Bring Them Together

The first step of development is bringing your game concept and ideas together; you can only move on to the next step. The concept defines your reason for investing in the development. So before making any conclusion ask yourself these questions, what are your purposes for developing a ludo game? What goals do you want to achieve through your ludo game app? Define questions like these, and you will get an in-depth idea of what you need for your project.

Researching to Fill Out All the Loopholes

Establishing a business is not an easy task, and for a ludo game business, there are a lot of things that you have to consider before developing it. Research is an important part that gives you a clear picture of your industry and competitors. Therefore, research your market and choose your competitors. The research part gives you a comprehensive look at your targeted market and allows you to identify the user's requirements and potential of the gaming market. So before developing your game, identify how many potential participants are interested in the ludo game. This process is highly advantageous for your business and fills out all the loopholes that can cause any damage later in the market launch.

Determine Your Potential Audience/Customers

The third process is determining your potential users with all the data about which age people you want to target, such as adults, children or elders. By specifying your target users, you will have a comprehensive picture of what users you have to develop your game. You should note that online ludo games only generate revenue when many users use your app. This target will influence your choice of kind and features of the ludo game you want to integrate into your business. You must ensure that your real money ludo game is accessible to all customers.  

Make a Budget

Determine your business requirements and resources; it saves you from investing unnecessarily in your ludo game development. Therefore examine all the expenditures of creating a real money ludo game app for your business. Know your limitations and accordingly perform your actions. Make a complete list of your total budget, and implement a checklist on which features and functionalities are important at the current time. Always remember that you can add additional features and functionalities later on, even after the complete development of your online ludo game. You can ask your hired developer or company to do such implementations.   

Choose Ludo Game Software

You should also choose the Ludo game software that best suits and meets your online Ludo game website or mobile application requirements. Next, craft content and carefully choose a website that attracts players and holds their interest for an extended time, therefore interacting with more potential customers.

Or Choose Ludo Game Software Provider to Help You Out In Your Project

Many ludo game development companies work in the market which provides ludo game software but are aware of your platform requirements. So, be extremely cautious while selecting the ludo game development company to create online ludo game software for you. An experienced and reliable firm that has worked with the Ludo game business will be more beneficial for you. Besides, you know that two operating systems, Android and iOS, account for most of the smartphone business. Therefore, you must build each app separately, which can be costly. Consequently, choose a Ludo game development company specializing in creating applications for both platforms.

Integration of Features & Functionalities

After choosing the ludo game software and a development company, it’s time to determine the features and functionalities you will integrate into your ludo game. This process decides how your game will look from the inside and what value it will provide to your customers. Also, this process is very important as you have to decide what features you want in your online ludo game. Now for this, you get several options; the mobile game development company you hired or worked with offers basic features and functionalities for your app; therefore, you can also consider choosing those or asking them to integrate custom features that you will provide them. You can choose either way to build your real money ludo game. 

Development Process That Brings Idea Into Reality

Now after deciding on your ludo game structure and features, it’s time to work on them to make it real. Choose the technologies and programming languages you will work with to make your project real. From pre-production, a production that includes art, graphics, backend development and VFX integration, to the final stage of post-production, all are a development process of a ludo game development.

QA Testing To Make Project Exceptional

After successfully developing your ludo game, QA testing is that process that will give a final outlook of development. This stage contains running and testing the app on the different platforms, checking for any bugs and errors and fixing them before the final launch in the market. 

The Final Step – Publishment

There you go, you have developed your ludo game that is ready to publish in the various app stores and websites. This final step is also not easy as you must consider many things to launch your game in the market successfully. This includes the game name, publisher info, app version, and more details.

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Make sure that the details you mention are genuine, and don’t forget to add terms and conditions pages or market your app on the various platforms.

Tech Stack Required In Real Money Ludo Game Development

Developing a real money ludo game is not easy work. Still, with the help of a mobile game development company, real-money ludo game development will be much easier. They possess expert-level tech stack knowledge, so hiring a tech-stacked game development company is highly recommended if you want to develop a high-grade ludo game. Let’s check out the tech stack required to develop a real money ludo game.

  • Unity game engine for ludo game development (Hybrid Compatibility - Supports various platform Android, iOS and Web)
  • Node.js for backend development
  • AWS or Azure for cloud computing development
  • MongoDB, MySQL or Cassandra for Database development
  • Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for smart notification
  • Send Grid Mail Sender API
  • Payment Integration
  • SMS Gateway
  • io for real-time communication
  • Azure Stream analytics for real-time analytics

Backend Team Required For Real Money Ludo Game Development

  • 2D/3D Graphic Designer
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Cross-platform Mobile Game Developers
  • Backend Game Developers
  • VFX Editor
  • UI/UX Designer
  • QA Tester

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Real Money Ludo Game?

Traditional Ludo games are easy to make, but developing a real money ludo game mobile app for various platforms takes a lot of effort and investment. Therefore, developing an online ludo game costs much higher than a traditional one. The cost of real money ludo game development differs greatly because of some crucial factors that affect them.

To give you an estimated cost for developing a real money ludo game, the basic feature and functionality game will cost around $2,000 to $6,000 in India. And with more complex and premium functionality, ludo game apps with amazing UI/UX design, flawless ultra HD graphics and animations will cost around $20,000 to $40,000 in India.

These costs can be increased if the development complication becomes more time-consuming. Several factors could affect the overall cost of your ludo game development. Let’s see what they are:

  • Real Money Ludo Game Complexity
  • Development Team Experience and Knowledge
  • Number Of Developers
  • Complexity of UI and UX Design
  • Development TIme
  • Game Features and Functionalities
  • Game Platform (Android and iOS)

These are some of the costing factors that majorly affect the overall cost. That’s why it would be best to plan out what type of game you want to develop; again, remember there is always an option to upgrade your game; therefore, first define whether you want to hire an offshore, dedicated, on-site, or freelancer developer or company. Look for better opportunities, pricing and an experienced team to hand over your project for development.

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And if you don’t want to do that, we can help you!

Why Choose Orion InfoSolutions For Real Money Ludo Game Development?

Orion InfoSolutions is a profound and exceptionally talented app and game development team that can help you with every IT need. With the most affordable pricing models, you will not need to increase your budget limit, as we can develop your project within your budget limit.

With comprehensive types of hiring models, top-notch game development infrastructure, more than 8+ years of experience and a modern technology stack, you will only get top-quality solutions.

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • 15+ game developers
  • Certified 2D and 3D designers
  • Modern technologies knowledge
  • Agile development methodology
  • Best hiring models
  • Competitive pricing
  • Top-quality products
  • Top-notch security
  • Source code security
  • Certified RNG mechanics


Online ludo game apps hold a major track to earn massive profit for the business. Moreover, there are already so many ludo game apps available on various platforms. Therefore, the next ludo game you develop should possess a unique selling point and fresh new content that entices existing users to choose your platform over others.

As we mentioned, the development process is crucial, from planning to researching and production. Additionally, great UI and UX design positively impact your game as they are solely responsible for ludo game popularity.

Orion InfoSolutions is one such reputed and renowned mobile app and game development company in India that helps clients develop innovative, high revenue generating and out-of-the-box game solutions for various gaming businesses. So, are you ready to become a successful entrepreneur with Real Money Ludo Game App? Contact us now!

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